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LONDON, UK   2000
Green Roof with Deep Insulation Buildup for Deep Shrub Planting 

Terrace house garden extension for 2 separate flats with two separate clients. The lower one bedroom garden flat was reorganised with new living room/kitchen extension and two internal bedrooms. The upper flat gained a new roof terrace and planted roof garden on the extension of the flat below. The key to gaining planning of a rear terrace was screening and set back because of the planted areas of the roof.  Sedum low maintenance roof provides a deep setback from the terrace to the garden below.  Two deep planters for more extensive planting screen the neighbours on the sides. The extension layout diagonal end wall is oriented to the south and creates the feeling of more width. Careful window placement and planting further to screen privacy to the side neighbour. The 3 ellipses are; decked terrace, deck area on roof, and bamboo planter in courtyard.

3Elipses render.jpg
3Elipses able.jpg
3Elipses terrace.jpg
3elipse terrace.jpg
3elipses curve.jpg
roof plant.jpg
terrace side view.jpg
3Elipse AxoDiagramme.jpg
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