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Mar 1998, Abitare 371, Italy

27 Nov 1997, Architects’ Journal, UK

Mar 1996, Blueprint 126, UK, Material World

bentoBoxAdj axo.jpg

First commission by Procter-Rihl architects. The project explores compactness of a small pied a terre in Soho, London. We flipped the living areas to the upper floor and extended out onto a large terrace.  This left the living and kitchen enjoying views out to east and west facing terraces with the bedroom, office and bath on the lower entry level.  Hidden doors and panels generate an open plan feel but still keeping options of privacy. Metre long pieces of carrera marble are used tile the bath floor and duct box. The steel and cherry stair ascends through a diagonal opening to space above. The living room red cherry floor reflects in the all stainless steel kitchen counter.

The Japanese bento lunch box is a simple rectangle filled with an assortment of colourful food objects this flat has the contrasting materials and furniture we designed in much the same way.

Bento box is a single portion meal with a well balance diet for a lonely eater. In Japanese culture, it can also come in a style called “kyaraben” or character bento with highly customised design solutions.

Bento centrepoint.jpg
BentoBox Living.jpg
Bento sunset.jpg
Bento Box 03.jpg
BentoBox stair.jpg
Bento Box 03.jpg
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