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St Mary's Hospital,2014-15


Photos by Marco Godoy

This was a Live Project run at the Royal College of Art in collaboration with Imperial College and Helen Hamlyn Centre with funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England.  Dr Fernando Rihl coordinated delivery of the winning student studio live project with a student production team of Ralf Alwani, Joanna Hyland, and Matt Volsen.


The purpose of the Helix Digital Lab was to have an “in situ” presence in the hospital campus as an innovation lab working at the heart of the healthcare. A space for designers, clinicians, and patients to come together to explore new ideas that positively impact healthcare as an innovation hub to improve patient care and advance the work of healthcare staff.

The brief was to produce a temporary structure, pop up lab,  to last no more than six months in situ. The project was so successful in terms of design and manufacturing that the pop up is still functioning after five years and counting. The structure was designed to be manufactured off site and was delivered in two pieces by lorry. The structure was assembled on site in 12 hours. The process not only save time and waste during construction but also simplified access during the construction phase. 

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