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LONDON, 2017


 Single Module 4 x4 meter unit is doubled in different ways creating dynamic folded layouts, with perspectives and exciting internal spaces.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 18.29.42.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 19.10.48.png


Our proposal for the House of Colour competition is a play on the domestic archetype of a typical house. Several building components such as chimney, door, window and balustrade are pulled out from the main structure giving them a new life as play components. They create new gaps as doorways for children. The design language of this “mini house” can refer to design solutions already used in the residential development. 

We also played with perspective distortion with one angled wall. This gives an unexpected dynamism with different wall and ceiling heights.  The lowered ceiling height as the angled wall slopes away gives an intimacy like that of a tent and a child scale to the house. These can be one house, several ‘houses’, or a joined unit. The basic module is 4 x 4 meters which, when be joined together in various configurations makes bends and perspective within the space.



This is a pavilion that can be developed for all members of the community. It can be a playhouse structure but also work as a folie intended as a meeting spot and a focal point in the common gardens.  It could also support garden parties or a communal garden with the addition of some basic services. The thickness of the wall can also become storage area for a hidden sink, tap, and garden tools… 



Externally, the structure will primarily respond to the existing colour palette of this new development working with the standard Hardie 21 Colour Plus range. Internally, we would use complimentary and new accent colours on detail planes such as section cuts and window reveals or areas where the building components have been pulled out of the main structure. We are using each surface to test different colours. The standard colour range is a subtle natural colour. We would like to extend this range with new feature accents and work with complimentary colour groups. The house should use colour shades on different planes to emphasis its geometry and showcase colour possibilities. As a playhouse folie. 



The sectional construction build up is; interior Hardie panels, interior sheathing, steel or timber frame, exterior sheathing, water resistive barrier HardieWrap, rainscreen air space with z vertical furring, and Hardie panels. The floor would be a hard paved or permeable surface depending on the site.  The built-in internal seating and steps will be suitable hard surface for sitting. 

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