LiquidSky Ceiling.jpg
LiquidSky diagramme.jpg

Liquid Sky explores topographic contours cut into an existing ceiling. There existed an awkward ceiling that dropped below the original window heights, which was added clumsily by the developer when flats were subdivided for soundproof reasons. The opportunity to correct this lead us to a series of oval perforations carved up to the top of the windows. The elliptical geometry was defined by the mapping of sun paths into the space. As the sun moves into the space it fills the scoops with light creating a sculptural ceiling surface. All artificial lighting was designed to be from below by floor lamps keeping the ceiling an intact continuous surface without interuptions. The light scoops were originally going to be fabricated using CNC technology but they were built in situ for a fraction of the price. The commission also consisted of a complete remodelling with new kitchen and the addition of a WC and two ensuite bathrooms. The kitchen was rotated 90 degrees in the space with access at both ends to generate easy and fluid circulation.