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Pedestrian Rotary Gardens explores road traffic symbols in an extensive London public residential garden making a commentary on pace and movement in the city. The bold rotary symbols were played against a soft undulating meadow landscape with variable heights determined by mounds. The mounds have the purpose of creating privacy for the ground floor flats and a more interesting topography for the residents. The bold patterns were designed to be seen from above through windows and balconies in the 4-10 story residential blocks. The traffic symbols create several possibilities for different types of outdoor collective or private zones. The aim was to balance the natural and the artificial moving away from a romaticised view of the landscape where the natural blends with the artificial in a seamless manner.
The project was developed with local residents using participatory design methods in the design process. The design delivers a sustainable garden with a wild range of species and pollination to encourage wild life and bio diversity in the area. The design creates maximum ground permeability reducing the pressure on the existing Victorian sewage system in London. The studio believes in the need to design gardens more intelligently and more efficiently in terms of water management without the need for intensive maintenance. Future additions will be; allotment gardens, public furniture facilities such as seating, recycling facilities, bicycle parking, and a compost production area.

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