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Slice House Listed

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

On 22 August 2017 only 12 years after completion, the house has been listed as cultural heritage in the Inventory of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Porto Alegre, Brazil. 'The property has been inventoried as a structure of value and spatial quality, constituting a significant element of structure in the urban context where it is located'.

By the order of the listing the property can not be destroyed, mutilated, or demolished. The owner has the duty for preservation and conservation. Any physical intervention proposed must be by previous approval and license from the prefecture of Porto Alegre. The listing is part of the Siqueira Campos Street Central Historical Area (Rua Siqueira Campos Bairro Centro Historico). The Slice House by Procter-Rihl has been listed 12 years after it was built in 2005. Whereas in the UK buildings must be older than 30 years. This makes the Slice house the earliest listed building by a British Architect. The house won a RIBA award in 2005. It was the first project to win a RIBA award in South America. It also represented Brazil in The listing is based on architectural merit and like listing in the UK protects the house from modification or demolition. Equivalent to Grade II in the UK.

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