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Red Flat Kitch Window.jpg

Renovation of the top 3 floors of a Victorian Terrace. The roof loft was converted to the master bedroom, a new bathroom, bedroom and office on the middle floor, and with a new kitchen on the lower floor.  The theme was shades of red with bright reds and pinks painted inside cabinets in bath and kitchen. The one piece custom stainless steel counter of  the kitchen has warm shades of red backsplash elements from maroon to orange.  The entry hall has a fire-rated glass window cut into the kitchen/ dining to open the view. Orange panels are fixed flush to both sides of this window to make it frameless and disappear. Built-in drawers under the custom sofa also pick up reds. 

Red K window.jpg
Red Kitchen.jpg
Red living dining.jpg
Red hall to kitchen.jpg
Red Flat Handrail.jpg
Red Flat loft Bedroom.jpg
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