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Monograph Procter-Rihl

Updated: May 23, 2020

Our Book. Architecture and Beyond. In a world of hyper-specialisation, is there a place for multidisciplinary practice? Buy now on Amazon £11.25 plus £2.80 Uk postage

Writing by Anya Gallaccio, Nigel Coates, Carlos Eduardo Dias Comas, Marcus Field, Christopher Procter, and Fernando Rihl.

Procter-Rihl is a multidisciplinary studio developing architecture, furniture, product design, exhibition, and landscape. There are few architects that inhabit multiple areas consistently through their career.

Architecture & Beyond reveals a new design method based on linguistics with anthropological dimensions fusing spatial verbs to local archetypes, symbols, signs and signifiers. The projects shown in this book do not follow a chronological order but are clustered by key operational systems. The aim is to reveal the methods of how we explore formal and spatial concerns in our design process.

This publication is divide by four design operations: fold, perforate, float and weave. They are our fire starters to our spatial investigations which are synchronized with other design criteria such as, context, spatial experience, meaning, orientation, programme, signs, symbols, archetypes and typologies. These spatial verbs are regularly revisited in our studio becoming a continual process of rewriting and reinterpreting in different scales, programmes or disciplines. The method attracts us as it embraces a diagrammatic purity that will inevitably be reflected in our designs.

Artifice Books on Architecture, London, Publisher 26/01/2017 £16.95 $24.95 112 pages, 23x 28 cm, 42 Projects richly illustrated with more than 260 photos and 100 drawings.


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